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This site is set up to thank all those who have done so much to help me get into Motor Racing at this late stage in life supported me throughout , enabled me to have so much fun and left me with such a big grin on my face. This was something I had wanted to do all my life but never had the opportunity.

I hope also that other visitors to the site will enjoy it and that it will encourage some people to do what I did and do what they have always wanted to do before it is too late !

It is with great pleasure that I thank “O’Briens Irish Sandwich Bars” and  “BB’s Coffee and Muffins” for their support to Team O’Briens Racing for the 2004 - 2008 seasons. Their support was a major factor in the continuance of Team O'Briens Racing and I hope that perhaps next  year we will be  able to find another sponsor for 2012.


                            2004 - 2006                        2012 Car Sold  see below                       2007- 2008

Colin Blower Motorsport and Colin himself for all the technical racing advice, friendship, car preparation and the car set up that has enabled me to race the Aston for the last nine years with some success, and only minor breakdowns and mishaps. Also for his agreeing to Co drive with me in many of the endurance races. Also to Andrew Blower ,Tall Paul and Stephen Blower for all their help, before, during and after each race over the last 9 years.

David Jack of Aston Engineering Ltd. who has ensured that I have always had a competitive reliable racing engine for the Aston. “The Rolls Royce of Aston Racing Engines.” He built the new engine for me in 2007 for the 2008 season.



In the UK, I would like to thank the Aston Martin Owners Club (AMOC) for organizing such competitive racing at challenging circuits and with a variety of interesting people.


I enjoyed my participation in the Heritage Grand Touring Car Challenge (HGTCC) series in the UK in the Aston Martin and sometimes the Mini Cooper S. This series is organized by Roger and Kate Bennington and Stratton Motor company and is a challenging competition with some very well known names and cars competing. Sadly the series will not continue in 2012 and I thank Roger Bennington for all the excellent races he has provided over the years. It is possible that many of the competitors will move over to the AMOC Intermarque races for 2012.   


It is with the greatest of pleasure that The Masters  Racing Series have invited the Aston Martin Lightweights to race with them in the “Masters 70’s Celebration” series in their races throughout Europe. I raced with them for the first time at Brands Hatch on 24th May 2008, and again in 2011 at Donington and Spa. Charlie Kemp and John Bussell will I hope continue to Co Drive with me from time to time.

I am very happy to announce that the Lightweights have been invited to race with The Masters in 2012 in 5 races, see shortly the details of these races and the circuits under “Race Dates”.


                               Charlie Kemp’s website. <http://www.hhcmotorsport.com/charlie_kemp.html>

Charlie Kemp for his friendship, advice and encouragement in my racing technique as well as co- driving with me in the Heritage series. Also for his one on one tuition at Croft, which will I am sure translate into improved times  and wide elbows! Having been christened recently by Stephen Archer “ Conor Wideboy O’Brien”.








                              John Bussell’s website. <http://www.radisol.com/race-car-instruction/index.htm>

John Bussell for his kindness in co driving with me when not racing with Ian McCallum and for his expert tuition and advice which has certainly speeded me up!  

Both Charlie and John have shown a Masterclass in how to race a Lightweight and on Youtube I have  examples of both in races at Silverstone and Donington. Go to YouTube and enter “1961 Aston Martin DB4 Lightweight “ and it will bring up all my in car footage or look under “In car videos 2006 - 2011”.






                                                                “Le Car” -  Thruxton, BritishGT/F3  - 2008.

                                          The Astons Last race before the RM Auction on 31st October 2012.


                                                                                    O’Brien’s Jag Run !


                     The New owner will race the car in AMOC and and keep it with Colin Blower Motorsport.

                     Photograph at the RM Auction in Battersea Park.

                                On the way to a record price for an Aston Martin DB4 Lightweight £156,800



           Some seasoned Lightweight racers give me support at the Auction and Paul Chudecki the author of the

                   excellent 9 page article on the car and Marque in the December issue of Octane magazine.



  Spa Francorchamps  - British Sports, GT & Saloon Challenge  - 1 Hour race -  23rd - 25th September 2011- Photo: Jeff Bloxha